Thursday, December 9, 2010


Babysitting in an amusement park! Can that be called babysitting?

Yesterday I went to Mirabilandia with a 9-year-old PK and her school. The point is that she was not allowed to go alone, and her mom could not go. Since I'm the volunteer and my schedule/job is more 'flexible' than everybody else's, I was asked to go with her. It ended up being fun but tiring as well. And I think my cold is the result of all the sun from yesterday :(

At the roller coaster... first time in one that has a corkscrew. I think I like roller coasters now lol. Though I got a headache after a few rides.

The other time I babysat here in Brazil was with another PK. I was staying for a weekend with a pastor and his family in Caruaru (here) and on Saturday evening I stayed with Andrezinho. This time was funny cause the mom would call me like every five minutes telling me she was on her way back lol.

Andres watching his fav. Bible story movie

Do I look like a babysitter? I guess it's all part of my versatility :)

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