Saturday, March 26, 2011

"No problem, I play"

It is of good use that I can play almost any hymn from the church hymnal by heart with my viola. And I am not saying this to show off. I just want to emphasize the importance of being prepared to worship our Lord with our instruments (or voice).

Today I was asked last minute (or second lol) to play a special music in church. We are in evangelistic meetings in church so there has to be special music every evening. The person in charge of the music this week decided to go for a social event today instead of being responsible. Since there was no one to play for special music, I was asked to play. So what did I do? I just opened a hymnbook in a random page, saw the hymn it opened at, gave it to the pianist and checked in which key the hymn was. Praise the Lord, He showed me which hymn to play at that moment, because it was all in a rush! And I was NOT nervous at all!! I actually enjoy a lot playing the "good-old" hymns in the simple hymnbook style (it makes me feel free lol).

But, what if I did not know any hymn? What if I was too shy to play a solo? 

Whould I had to say "I'm sorry but I can't"? Thank God, people see in me a person who can praise the Lord with my music. Thank God for my parents who encouraged me, since I was little, to play hymns (that was a Friday-evening thing at home).

Although I prefer things more organized (as in, I prefer when I am asked ahead of time) it is good when people add some excitement to my life asking me to play "ao vivo" (*).

(*) An expression in portuguese that, though it is literally translated as "live", it means, as far as I've understood, last minute or like always ready.

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